Scholastic and Co-scholastic Activities

Co-scholastic activities at The Happy Valley School include Art, Sports, Music and Skill-based activities. For a holistic development of our students, we have included a wide range of co-scholastic activities.

The Art Integrated Projects helps our students develop an interest for arts and encourages them to participate in related activities, thus promoting abilities such as imagination, creativity, valuing arts and cultural heritage.

As it is said, “Health is wealth”. Playing outdoor games fosters team spirit and enhances stamina. Our students learn discipline and learn to deal with everyday hurdles of life.

Music stimulates the brain and with its varied sound and lyrics, our students are exposed to a large amount of vocabulary in a short amount of time. Music classes helps students reduce stress, break monotony and enhances reading comprehension skills.

We can teach a child to write, but we cannot make them love it. And that’s why we have our very own school magazine – our mission is to bring real-world writing into the classroom, in order to excite, engage and motivate our students. Writing articles, composing poems gives our young and talented students an opportunity to think deeply and express themselves in a distinct way. We inspire pupils to get creative in their writing by allowing them to publish their content and share it with their teachers, peers and families.