School Rules

Our endeavor to achieve perfection in all we do is best reflected in our code of conduct. We focus all our efforts towards moulding every student into a model individual with human values, social concern and global outlook. We seek to achieve perfection by doing things right the first time.

In keeping with this, The Happy Valley School is committed to inculcating such qualities as respect for elders, love for peers and concern for juniors and behavior that reflects desired propriety and responsibility at all times.

Any deviation from the expected standards of discipline, decorum and behavior is viewed seriously and appropriate corrective action taken. All students and faculty, alike, are expected to maintain regular attendance and punctuality.

Note: Any changes in schedule will be intimated in advance through a Circular / SMS/ Edchemy*

Every student should carry the school diary to the school daily. He/she must have the diary signed by his/her parent every day. In keeping with this, The Happy Valley School is committed to inculcating such qualities as respect for elders, love for peers and concern for juniors and behaviour that reflects desired propriety and responsibility at all times. Students coming by their own transport should be in the school courtyard five minutes before the first bell rings.

Students should always be well-groomed and in full school uniform on all working days and whenever required to be in the school premises, including holidays and vacation periods and when they go out of school elsewhere for any extracurricular activities.

Wear fancy/ sporty/ expensive watches/ electronic watches with calculator and alarm facility.

Wear colorful jerkins, sweaters, or shoes other than the specified school uniform.

Wear bracelets, wristbands, chains, wrist watches with fancy straps.

Wear different shades of contact lenses/ photo chromatic lenses/ spectacles.

Must wear white vests inside their shirts.

Are not permitted to sport side burns, streaked hair, fancy hairstyles or beards or wearing earrings.

Non-Sikh boys should regularly have a close trimmed haircut.

Must wear only full sleeved school pullover.

Should wear slips and bloomers.

With short hair should wear elastic hair bands as per uniform color.

With shoulder length for longer hair should make two plaits and ribbons as per uniform color.

Wear full sleeve school pullover-no cardigan.

Apply any type of facial makeup.

Have more than one simple ear stud (no additional ear piercing)

Earrings with gems/, stones long or hanging earrings, fancy jewellery, change or bangles/ anklets.

Apply Mehandi or nail polish or adorn their hair with flowers or fancy/ colorful clips for hair bands.

The Happy Valley School student body constitutes a cosmopolitan group from various communities and religious and linguistic backgrounds. In order to maintain uniformity in class and socially, the medium of instruction conversation in the school premises in English.

Students are expected to move silently and in an orderly single line when going to the Language room, Science/Computer/Mathematics Labs Games/PE ground or any other place, without causing disturbance to other classes.

Shouting across the corridors, loud talking or whistling is not allowed in the school.

Students are not permitted to chew gum in the school premises or on the school bus.

Students are not permitted to carry junk food/ Tetra Pack drinks. Students are expected to eat their snack/ lunch in their respective classes.

The class teacher will acknowledge the student's birthday in the class.

Students are allowed to wear appropriate colored clothes (no short dresses/ strappy) to school on their birthdays.

Students are not allowed to distribute chocolates in the school bus.

No big/ expensive chocolate bars, imported sweets/chocolates, cakes, treats, gifts or return presents are allowed.

The school will not permit any student to go directly from the school to attend birthday celebrations of his/ her classmates or any other students of the school, nor will it provide telephone numbers or address of students for sending invitations.

Students are permitted to use science and computer laboratories and the internet facility at school only under the supervision and for purpose pertaining to syllabus or School approved activities assigned by the subject faculty.

Students are not permitted to carry chemicals/apparatus/ DVDs/ CDs/ pen drive into the Science/ Computer/ Mathematics Laboratories without approval.

Students must bring a note from their parents in the school diary permitting them to bring such an item to school. The item will be screened before use by the subject faculty.

Students are cautioned that tampering with the settings of the system and misusing the internet access for viewing objectionable Graphics for sending indecent means may lead to suspension from class or being expelled from the school.

The cost of any damage/ breakage by the student will be recovered at the end of each semester. Students appearing in Board examinations will be receive their admit cards only on clearance of all dues.

Every student has access to the school library during school hours.

Students should return the borrowed books in the stipulated time failing which are fine will be levied for every day of delay. Students appearing in Board examinations will be issued their admit cards only in returning all books/ clearance of all dues.

Students are permitted to use the school telephone to contact their parents in case of emergency. They will call to answer calls during class hours. Parents may leave a message with the office, if urgent.

Students are not allowed to carry cellular phones to school. If found, they will be confiscated and kept with the school office and return to his/ her parents at the end of the academic session.

Students must park cycles in the specified place only. Parking elsewhere is at their own risk.

Student should alight from their cycles/ cars/ transport 10-15 meters away from the school gate to avoid congestion at the gate.

Student should walk on the path provided alongside the road.

School provides first aid. However, students with wheezing should carry the prescribed medicine /medication with them. Parents should send a note in this regard to the class teacher in the school diary.

You have vested such confidence in us to hand over your most precious possession to our care.

Whenever you communicate with the school office please quote your ward’s full name, class and section.

The school diary / is the mode of communication between you and do kindly check and sign your ward’s diary daily. Email us for any modification in your contact details, any transaction related queries.

Please acknowledge receipt of all circulars, if and when communicated to the school diary.

Please inform the school whenever there is any change in address and or telephone number in writing through a note to the class teacher in the school diary.

Please do not let your ward carry any money to school without notice. Your ward will not be permitted to leave the school premises before the school gets over unless permission is granted by the Principal on a written request from you or in an emergency in both cases you will have to come personally and pick up your ward.

If no person is at the drop point, your ward will be brought back to the school and you will have to come personally to pick him/her up from the school.

Every parent is an association for us. So parents can make a call to the Principal on any working day with prior appointment and enquire about the progress/conduct and regularity of the ward.

Parents may meet the teachers with an appointment on the weekly/allotted.

Parents are not allowed to meet the teachers during school hours. They are not permitted to enter any classroom to meet their ward or the teacher.

Parents coming for meetings are requested to register their names at the security.

The school follows a continuous comprehensive evaluation approach. Hence students are advised to be regular to ensure complete learning experience with periodic assessment through class activities and schedule assessments that would require systematic and organized preparedness without any break in sequence.

Students at all levels are continuously assessed in both scholastic and Co- scholastic areas through various methods as unit assessment and term evaluations/examinations including application-based assignments, written and oral test and mental ability activities, individual and group presentations, reports, etc.,

Parents wishing to withdraw the ward at the end of the academic session must inform the Principal in writing on or before the stipulated time given by the school. Otherwise semester fees will have to be paid and school leaving certificate will be issued only after the school reopens for the next academic session.

However, parents who have paid full Annual fees for the forthcoming session by the due date may be eligible for a refund under the following conditions:

Parents in the transferable job who have paid Annual fees by the due date but receive transfer orders before school reopening date and hence wish to withdraw their ward(s) may inform the Principal in writing for refund of fees before the school reopening date with a copy of transfer orders - FULL REFUND.

Request for withdrawal in all other cases after the stipulated time and before the new session begins - 50% REFUND.

Transfer certificate / school leaving certificate will not be issued till all dues are fully paid and all library books returned