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Fees will be collected annually.

Parents opting for school bus transport for their ward indemnify the school against any claim on account of loss/damage of belongings/injury to person for their wards during transit to and from the school.

Parents also indemnify the school against any claim on account of loss damage to belongings/injury to the wards during the school hours or while in transit to and from school on regular working days and or on field trips or outdoor educational trips or availing the school bus transport facility during competitive examinations / Board examinations.

Every care is taken to safeguard the child’s safety in the bus/School van.


Student whose behaviour is a matter of concern and who persistently violates the rules will be issued caution card as a warning after which his/her behaviour will be deemed contrary to the code of conduct and will make him/her liable to disciplinary action. Any student who is persistently in subordinate or is repeatedly or willfully violating rules or indulging in mischief or is guilty of malpractices or is found to have committed or is party to an act of serious indiscipline, who in the opinion of the institution, is a negative influence to other students, may be suspended or expelled from the rolls of the school, with the reasons duly recorded in writing.