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Education may formally end but learning never ends and more interestingly it can happen in any place and in any situation. Learning achieves its goal when it is applied and utilized to make life more meaningful and less materialistic.

At THVS we strive to achieve learning through inspiration so that there is a deep sense of purpose involved in the process. When the purpose is defined, there is the instillation of a questioning mind in the learner. Every little inquisitive mind is celebrated by us. Through analysis, logical reasoning and critical thinking we take our questioning minds forward to inculcate creativity and original thinking.

The National Curriculum we follow based on the CBSE syllabus provides a child with the concepts taken on a sequential trail, year-wise, thus providing a challenging and strong academic base. It prepares the learner to tackle several of the post high-school All- India level examinations especially IIT JEE and NEET , international examinations like TOEFL,IELTS, SAT and GRE, Indian and international level Olympiads and other entry level examinations.

Our curriculum is specially designed to approach education through a broad perspective thus helping in the building up of concepts from the basic level to attain a proper understanding of the topics taught. Emphasis will be given on the concepts to be understood with application and analysis enabling the learners to think originally, critically and productively.

Our involvement with the stakeholders provides a tripartite association involving students, parents and teachers alike. This three-pronged approach helps build purpose, character and values deepening the roots of reverence, charity and compassion through education. As a result we work together to produce a stronger generation of youngsters willing to face the challenges of life with an open mind.

It is my earnest wish to create a sacred environment in every classroom to bring about a deep sense of respect and belonging to the school and its teachers. A conducive environment added with a sense of safety and security topped with the sweetness of an understanding approach between the learners and the teachers enhances the self confidence in every learner. This can lead to a questioning mind, free to interact and collaborate to improve the sense of wonder, respect, creativity, communication and fidelity which greatly aids the transformation of the complete person. Moreover at THVS “Every child is special and means a lot to us”.

Today education has taken a wider turn into creating newer fields of work and study. The work force of tomorrow needs to be more flexible, adaptable and inquisitive, ready to take on the challenges and transformations in their stride. We at THVS will be looking forward to equipping our learners to these wider turns as added advantages. They may be in the form of using technology and innovative methods of AI, coding, Robotics and Information Technology.

The underlying philosophy of our school would be to create global citizen strengthened with the core values, ethics and discipline aligned to the Indian educational traditions. Instilling a deep rooted reverence to our country by strengthening every child to be patriotic, family oriented and compassionate to all alike. I hope to work together on a horizontal plane with the parents and teachers to create strong and creative minds for a better tomorrow.

Mrs. Sandhya Bheemanna