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We the team at THVS have done extensive research on lesson plans and have come up with a lesson plan that keeps the previous knowledge learned and uses it to achieve the desired outcome of learning for that school day. The teaching team at THVS is trained to execute these lesson plans with an interactive approach to the class, thereby inculcating experiential learning among students.

At THVS, we ensure that the learning that takes place on any given day is quantified using our own Learning Management System, using the software MOODLE as a tool. This gives you, the parent, an insight as to how much your child has learnt on that school day. Our Learning Management System allows us to send Homework for the day, that is specifically tailored to the need of every individual child. This also allows us to cater to the learning pace of the child. This is where we bring in Adaptive Learning to the classroom At an early age, our children are taught to make notes on their own because we believe, children are learning in the best way possible when they listen to the lesson and take down notes that, they themselves have written. This not only ensures that the child has learnt the topic, but also ensures that the child does not face any difficulty in revising these notes during exams.

Learning at THVS is not just limited to the classroom. Holistic learning at THVS is achieved through various activities such as, music, theatre and sports. We have the best professionals from their respective fields to guide and coach the students making sure that learning is achieved beyond the classrooms


At THVS, we believe that parents are partners in the schooling and learning of the child. We believe that parents play a very important role in the learning of the child. At THVS we ensure that, parents have absolute clarity about the learning of the child which is achieved using our Learning Management System. Our teachers continuously work with the parents to ensure that the child receives the best form of education possible.

The THVS team consists of very passionate and knowledgeable teachers and support staff ensuring the learning of the child is at its highest. The team also consists of a management that is always focused on providing quality education to all.

The upcoming campus is a State of The Art, Learning centre as we like to call it, as it ensures that everything related to learning and comfort for the child during school hours is under one roof.

THVS provides quality education that meets the global standards of education.

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